Smosh Pranks Chris Pratt, And It’s Glorious

Chris Pratt

The fellas over at Smosh could not resist pranking Jurassic World actor Chris Pratt during what would have been a normal press junket.

From calling Ian’s mother and leaving her a voicemail about her son’s venereal disease to talking about male lactation, Pratt was a real sport about all of the weirdness the duo put him through. Including overly long handshakes:

Smosh Pranks Chris Pratt 1

Or strange drinking habits:

Smosh Pranks Chris Pratt 2

And even making fun of the actor’s name (Chrisp Ratt, which resulted in a strange staring contest):

Smosh Pranks Chris Pratt 3

Pratt was great about the whole thing. He even played along with Ian’s story about drinking his own nipple milk, admitting that he’d at least smell his own nipple milk (should he ever produce it):

Smosh Pranks Chris Pratt 4

In the end Pratt knew it was all in good fun, and took the jokes in stride, and we got this fabulous video in return: