Smosh To Get Waxed! Madame Tussaud’s Makes Wax Smosh Sculptures

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Smosh are the absolute first YouTubers to be turned into wax. We thought that designation belongs to Zoe Suggs and Alfie Deyes, who are being waxed at Madame Tussaud’s London –but it turns out that story just broke first.

But it’s a pretty cool designation that the Smosh guys are getting a spot in the iconic pop culture hub. It seems like just yesterday they were doing their Mortal Kombat thing for kicks in a bedroom and now they will be forever immortalized in finely sculpted detail — or until a really hot day.

The statues, which are being created for Madame Tussaud’s San Francisco location, will get a quick tour of California before they are put on permanent display. From San Fran they will shuttle down to Anaheim, Calif. and allegedly be a feature at this year’s VidCon before heading back to their home at Fisherman’s Wharf.

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Donating clothes for the figures to be outfit appropriate, the Smosh duo were pretty amped: “It’s an honor to be chosen as the first YouTube wax figures to launch in Madame Tussauds’ 250 year history, and it was an absolute thrill to be part of this amazing process. We could not be more excited to see our SMOSH wax figure doubles tour the country and see the better looking version of ourselves come to life.”

If Madame Tussaud’s is sculpting Smosh, the most important thing for them to know is that they have to get the hair just right.

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