SnapChat Discover Allows News To Be Sent On The Photo Platform

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Apparently news is important — even to ghosts. Snapchat, the here-and-gone photo service that is apparently attempting to become a bonafide social media tool, has just added a News component.

The tool, called Discover, which SnapChat first unveiled in January, allows you to select a news story, copy a link to it, add comments and emojis and ship it off to friends and followers.

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As it turns out, having a news-sharing option is pretty important. Wired points out: “Consumers increasingly get their news through a share: a friend sends a link, a colleague tweets a video, and a news organization posts an update on a social site. Sharing is part of the very DNA that makes both Twitter and Facebook so successful (and so huge)—and both companies have aggressively pursued options to bring in more news. Powerhouse BuzzFeed gets 75 percent of its traffic from those very social media sites driven by sharing, too.”

Allegedly some of SnapChat’s biggest media partnerships could be expiring in the coming month, which has been speculated as a reason for the unveil of the news-sharing option — they might be a bit desperate to maintain connections with companies who want Snapchat to endorse their stories.

But can the platform which only caught on as a sexting gimmick attain legitimacy? Maybe it should marry Kanye West?

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