Stan Lee Launches Production Program To Turn YouTubers Into Superheroes

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Stan Lee is, to borrow the parlance of 4chan, god-tier. There are few more prolific entertainers who have done it for as long as Stan Lee has. So when he goes out of his way to set up an opportunity for awesomeness, we should probably take notice.

Starting a creator program that involves ALL the YouTube Spaces, Lee, the Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment, is offering educational classes with master stunt coordinators and visual effects supervisors to help give superhero videos a polish.

According to the release: “Starting the first week of May, select YouTube creators, including Machinima, TheBrothersRiedell, Adi Shankar, Lana McKissack and more, will have the opportunity to develop an original superhero concept and produce cutting edge content on cinematic-quality sets, including a secret lair complete with a high-tech command center, science lab and weapons locker. Creators can also ‘take to the streets’ to virtually scale buildings, fly over skyscrapers or even take the battle to outer space for action sequences in YouTube Spaces’ state-of-the-art green screen stages.”

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Additionally, a few lucky channels will get a consultation with Stan Lee himself.

“We’re celebrating the superhero genre and I’m excited to partner with YouTube Spaces to help develop ideas and create new superheroes along with some of the most brilliant and creative minds in the entertainment industry,” said Lee.

Expect to see videos created on the sets to start popping up online mid-June. The superhero creator program is just one part of a whole bunch of initiatives that the YouTube Space has launched to support its 10 years of YouTube. You can check out more details on the YouTube blog.

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