Supergirl Pilot Leaked By Pirates


CBS’s Supergirl was easily the most talked about (and laughed about in some quarters) pilot to come out of Upfronts so it should be no surprise that the highly anticipated series set to debut this fall has already leaked online. Rumors are circulating that the Supergirl pilot along with the pilot episode of NBC’s upcoming comedy Crowded have already appeared online spawning thousands of torrents and downloads.

At the time of publishing Supergirl has already racked up 30,000 downloads on bit torrent sites, a number that is likely to climb as more fans learn that the pilot has leaked. Reports vary over the possible source of the leak, but the pilot allegedly carries none of the watermarks and warnings normally associated with screener copies sent to critics and stakeholders. If that’s true then it suggests that the pilot was leaked by someone who had direct access to the source material.


CBS had obviously hoped to keep the Supergirl pilot under wraps until it’s late fall premiere and build anticipation for the show. Fans and critics were equal parts charmed and chagrined by the trailer in which Melissa Benoist plays Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin and a reluctant superhero. Some fans were thrilled to see another female superhero gracing the screen following months of debate over the treatment of women in Marvel’s Avengers franchise. Others were concerned that the trailer seemed to hew comically close to a romantic comedy.

While this is bad news for CBS, it’s great news for fans who want an early look at Supergirl. In fact, it’s not impossible for CBS to turn this into a win. Given the current climate surrounding women in comics and female heroes in particular Supergirl was likely to be the subject of controversy whenever it released. Hopefully CBS is paying close attention to how fans respond to the pilot, then they’ll have six whole months to make tweaks.

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