The 10 Most GIFable Moments In Britney Spears “Pretty Girls” Video

The video for “Pretty Girls” is here. Like it or not, the long awaited team up of pop queen Britney Spears and rap-simulator Iggy Azalea has the whole internet talking. Whether you love the song or hate it, there’s no denying that the video is a treasure trove of GIF friendly moments. Lucky for you, we went ahead and GIFed the hell out out of it. Enjoy our breakdown of the video’s most GIFable scenes in Pretty Girls.

We open with Britney lounging by the pool in what I can only assume is an outfit she brought from home.


Everything is fine until alien Iggy emerges from a bubbling mystery pool (this is Iggy Azalea’s preferred means of transportation).


Brit is pretty excited to meet a new friend.


After a quick makeover they are totally besties and everything is very normal.


So of course they head out to practice some unsafe driving.


This guy definitely takes notice of their irresponsible vehicle operation.


Just when things are starting to get serious, Iggy discovers that her super power is product placement.


More unsafe driving, don’t try this at home kids.


They decide to go to the club for a quick rap breakdown.


But pretty soon Iggy’s parents show up and it’s time to go back to Australia.


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