The 9 Most Ridiculous Moments From Kung Fury, The Greatest 80’s Movie You’ll Watch Today

Kung Fury Title

Kung Fury, the crowdfunded internet phenomenon, dropped in its entirety on YouTube and it’s the most fantastic thing you’ll watch today.

Literally in the first 15 seconds:

Kung Fury Permit

Don’t worry, the dog gets away safely:

Kung Fury Car

There are no words to describe this:

Kung Fury Explosion Split

That moment when you hack too much time and go too far back:

Kung Fury Time Hack

Then end up riding greatest mode of transportation ever:

Kung Fury Dinosaur

And then meet the God of Thunder himself:

Kung Fury Thor

That’s certainly a way to take out some Nazis:

Kung Fury Tank

And of course you have to fight through the entirety of the Nazi army just to get to the Fuhrer himself:

Kung Fury Army Fight

And then you go ahead and punch him in the balls. Because why not?

Kung Fury Balls

If you haven’t watched this video yet, you are missing out. Go, get your mind blown!