The Best Moments From Letterman’s Last Top 10 Ever


David Letterman has signed off of the Late Show for the final time, which means we’ve seen the last of the show’s most iconic feature, the nightly Top 10.

Dave has been making lists for decades, even before the internet made them fashionable again. For his sendoff, Letterman organized 10 of the show’s most popular guests to deliver “The Top 10 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Say To Dave” with Late Show frequent flyers like Steve Martin and Tina Fey turning out to drop one last zinger before Letterman rides off into retirement. Basically it was the David Letterman version of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video.

We decided that Dave deserved an internet friendly farewell, so check out his final Top 10, in GIF form.

Alec Baldwin

10 Baldwin

Babara Walters

9 Barbara

Steve Martin

8 Steve Martin

Jerry Seinfeld

7 Seinfeld

Jim Carrey

6 Jim Carrey

Chris Rock

5 chris rock

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

4 Louis Dreyfus

Peyton Manning

3 Peyton Manning

Tina Fey

2 Tina

Bill Murray

1 Murray

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