The First Wave Of 360 Degree YouTube Videos Will Blow Your Mind


Have you ever wished you could climb inside a YouTube video and just live there forever? Is that just me? It’s probably not, I’m sure you can relate. Lucky for us, YouTube is gearing up to make that dream a reality. After months of teasing us with new features and boring technical specifications, YouTube is finally ready to unleash the first wave for 360-degree virtual reality content through a partnership with GoPro.

With support in place from YouTube, and hardware finally reaching consumer accessible prices thanks to GoPro’s Jump Array, content creators are close to being able to create and distribute immersive 360 content. We’re not quite ready to plug in the headsets for a full Star Trek Holodeck scenario, but a small group of premium content creators are already posting 2D 360-degree videos that will start to give fans a sense of what true YouTube virtual reality will look like.

This video from Avicii and YouTube music star Kurt Hugo Schneider allows viewers to look in any direction within the footage creating a first-of-its-kind experience.



At their Google I/O event in San Francisco yesterday, Google made virtual content a priority, noting that 360-degree videos are now viewable on Google Cardboard, devices running iOS8 or higher, as well as Android and Chrome. Expanding the audience for the new content is the surest way to ensure that creators will begin building it. Fortunately for early adopters, Google has been actively encouraging some of its most notable creators and brands to post content in 360. With luck, it may not be long before it becomes the norm. In the meantime, check out the rest of the first wave below.

YouTuber Lauren Francesca’s Space Girl takes fans on a potentially deadly 360 adventure.


If you’ve ever wanted to be a guest in the SNL Audience, now’s your chance. Odd that they’d chose a Jerry Seinfeld-hosted episode though, considering he recently called YouTube a “garbage can.”


Perhaps a one-on-one show with pop-rock band R5 is more your speed.



Of course no one is embracing 360 harder than GoPro. The company has built a brand around the kind of extreme footage that viewers can’t help but want to dive into.



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