Tina Fey Strips Down For David Letterman Farewell

Is Tina Fey the best? Yes, yes she is! Tina paid a visit to David Letterman last night to celebrate the end of his long tenure as the host of The Late Show. By her own reckoning Fey has been a guest on Letterman’s show no less than 20 times over the years, and that demands a special sendoff. Fey has joked, in numerous settings, about the tremendous amount of effort it takes to be a woman in the public eye. From hair and makeup to elaborate wardrobe routines, Fey is no fan of maintaining the celebrity look, so in honor of Dave’s retirement she’s decided to retire from wearing dresses on late night talk shows. It’s truly the end of an era, and to make the point stick Tina dropped her dress on stage to give Letterman a send-off he’s not likely to forget.