Twitter Fiction Festival 2015 Brings Short Stories To Twitter Microsphere

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Twitter has decided yet another campaign revolving around fiction stories is a good way to compensate for all the trolls. From May 11-15, Twitter will be working with authors and storytellers to present its third annual festival of literary works in microblog style. First up this year, they’ve enlisted librarian Celeste Ng to tell the Twitter tale of a love story she encountered amidst the stacks of books she shelves. It’s a pretty cute tale with plenty of pics to float the story along.

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Additionally, there will be the judging component, as the numerous bestselling writers involved will be debated over via the likes of execs from Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster and Quirk.

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Some of the authors involved can be found here:

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Be sure to check the hashtags #TwitterFiction and #TWFictionFest for new content or to share your own short form stories with the readers of Twitter.

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