Valve Addresses Counter-Strike’s Biggest Issue

When it comes to first-person shooters, “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” should come to mind as one of the best in the market. It only has one, tiny issue.

The hitbox is the area where a character can be “hit.” So let’s say you scoped in on someone to nail down that headshot — the hit box is actually what you’re aiming for. In 2D games, it is usually in the shape of a rectangle, and in 3D games, it is in the shape of a cube. The hitboxes in CS:GO are extremely aggravating to work with, so instead of killing your opponent, your bullet will actually graze right past your opponent’s helmet, as if it were a dandelion seed floating by.

Image via Kotaku

The community has been fuming about this issue ever since the game came out back in 2012, and there was even more of an outcry about it when a video came out blatantly showing how the hitboxes are absolutely glitched up (as shown in the GIF above). The guy survived those seven bullets, and for funsies, slaughtered the confused player. Rage is induced, and the vicious cycle stars once again.

Valve is finally addressing the matter and they had this to say.

“It’s being worked on. We don’t have an eta.”

Valve’s PR skills shine once more.

Since there is no ETA as to when this issue will be resolved, we can only hope that it is fixed within the next few months, and not wait another eon for an update to arrive. Bad news though — it looks like that this issue could be deeply ingrained in the game’s source engine, which means that it will require a lot more than just some simple patch.

Nevertheless, fans were completely ecstatic to hear those nine simple words from Valve.


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