“Vanity” StyleHaul Web Series Continues Bernie Su’s Fashion Marketing Career

vanity series

Bernie Su is embracing his fashion-marketing roots in a big way with his new StyleHaul web series “Vanity,” starring Denise Richards and sponsored by Maybelline.

Announced at StyleHaul’s NewFronts event in New York today, “Vanity” is the first project from his new production company Canvas Media Studios, launched with partner David Tochterman, with a focus on creating branded web content.

It’s a noteable move away from the literary, interactive approach of Pemberley Digital, the production company he shares with Hank Green, which produced the award winning hit series “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and spinoffs “Emma Approved” and “Frankenstein M.D.”


At the StyleHaul session, Su described “Vanity” as a beauty/fashion series with a tone similar to Gossip Girl. “‘Vanity’ is a journey of self discovery, as our main character, Lily, dares to take on the world of high fashion.” The series will also star Karrueche Tran and Alex Frnka.

The brand-heavy soap opera style of “Vanity” has been a running theme in much of Su’s web series work. It’s reminiscent of his show “LOOKBOOK: The Series” in which a scheming fashionista with a LookBook blog tries to destroy the career of her naive young rival, and more recently “Emma Approved,” which realigned the Emmy Award-winning interactive storytelling of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” into a fashion blog advertising outfits from ModCloth and Lulu’s.

“Vanity” premieres on YouTube on June 11, so we’re looking forward to plenty of drama and designer labels next month.