VidCon Mentorship Program Will Match Aspiring YouTubers With Superstar Mentors


This year’s VidCon is already set to be a major departure from previous versions. The world’s largest gathering of YouTube fans and creators has taken flack from some quarters of the YouTube community for its plan to introduce a more complicated track system, and for introducing industry-only spaces that are not accessible to fans and creators with smaller followings.

Now, in an attempt to balance out the perception that the event has become too industry focused, VidCon organizers have introduced the first ever Creator Mentorship Program.

The new program will offer aspiring creators 10-15 minute one-on-one sessions with some of the biggest names in YouTube today. Creators can apply to receive feedback and advice on upcoming projects from some of the platform’s top names.

Applicants can select up to five potential mentors and VidCon organizers will do their best to accommodate those preferences.


Even as the YouTube industry has grown, VidCon has continued to look for new ways to support aspiring creators and provide value to smaller channels who want the convention to serve as a networking and career building opportunity. As the gathering has exploded in popularity, one-on-one meetings with top tier creators have become rarer, making this mentor program a valuable addition to the VidCon slate.

The program is open to any VidCon attendee who has purchased a Creator Track pass. Applications must be submitted by June 1st to

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