Vines Gone Wrong: 6 Crimes Committed By Viners

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We hear “sexy” plays well on Vine also.

It’s tough to be a Vine star — you have to be edgy to be appealing. But sometimes edgy gets mixed up with illegal. Fortunately for us, even when Vine stars do illegal things and commit crimes, they tend to keep the cameras rolling.

So what better way to celebrate Vine and Viners today than with a post about them doing boneheaded things. Here are the six biggest crimes committed by Viners. Some of the crimes were actually posted to social media. Fair warning: these aren’t on Vine now or in Vine format because they were deleted and then reuploaded by different users. Or they never made it to Vine … yeah, let’s go with that.

6. Walter Easley Kicks Cat

Walter Easley thought it would be good content to kick his cat off the porch for a Vine bit. Uh-oh, instead he became public enemy #1 on social media. Eventually he was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

5. Cameron Dallas Arrested

Initially arrested for vandalism, Cameron Dallas and friends like Kian Lawley were ultimately not charged for having a paint party that got out of hand. Allegedly, a can of something got thrown out the window of the sixth floor apartment and barely missed hitting a woman.

4. Jerome Jarre Busted For Speedo Prank On Airplane

Detained for wearing a Speedo on an airline and filming after being asked not to, Jerome was ultimately not charged. Jerome ultimately deleted the original video.

3. “DeezNuts” Welven Harris Arrested For Sexual Assault

Viner Welven Harris was arrested and charged with sexual assault for allegedly “We don’t got no b*tches” and then he touched several girls inappropriately. The case is still pending.