Want to Be YouTube Famous? The Young Turks Want To Teach You How [VIDEO]

The Young Turks, fresh off their latest Webby win, AND fresh off of being the busiest YouTubers ever — have announced a new live episode of their show, complete with a studio audience (all the rage in YouTube these days). There will also be a Q+A with Cenk Uygur afterwards that boasts a fantastic goal: teaching you how to create a successful YouTube channel.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.45.53 PM

Broadcasting live from the YouTube Space in New York on May 19, The Young Turks have joined up with Kyle Kulinski, founder of Secular Chat, a show which TYT helped shepherd into success.

According to a TYT release, “TYT worked with and mentored Kyle as he was first seeking to find his way in the YouTube world, and with TYT’s help, Kyle learned how to make videos more efficiently, how to title and tag them, and how to really generate and build an audience. His channel now receives 5 million views a month and has 130,000+ subscribers.”

If it can work for him, The Young Turks can help it work for you.