Watch Tyler Oakley On The Ellen Show


Today the world was rocked by the shocking revelation that Tyler Oakley and Ellen Degeneres are not the same person.

You could be forgiven for conflating the two short, blonde, LGBT icons into one individual, but their meeting today on Ellen’s hugely popular daytime show didn’t tear a hole in the fabric of space and time, so we’re forced to conclude that they are in fact two separate individuals.

Tyler visited “The Ellen Show” to talk about his staggering online success and the ways in which he has used his growing fame to advocate for LGBT youth. That’s certainly a topic that Degeneres, who famously became one of the first out actresses on network television back in 1997, can relate to. The revelation almost ended her career, but in a sign of the changing times she’s come roaring back most recently with her acclaimed and long running daytime talk show. Ellen paved the way for new media stars like Oakley, who in turn has helped pave the way for countless young people to be true to themselves.

Of course, no visit to “The Ellen Show” is complete without a little bit of gossip. It turns out that LGBT teens aren’t the only ones feeling Tyler’s impact. Oakley shared a story about how closeted pop star Ricky Martin reached out to him to say that Tyler’s coming out story had inspired him to open up about his own sexuality.

Overall, Tyler looked right at home on the set of “Ellen.” While it’s great to see two superstar LGBT icons sitting down for a chat, Ellen might want to watch her back. It’s certainly easy to imagine Tyler Oakley filling her hosting chair before long.

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