What Can An LA World’s Fair Do For YouTube?

Right now there’s a huge campaign to get the World’s Fair over to Los Angeles. What can this innovative event do for the YouTube and new media community?

These days, when I think of the World’s Fair, my brain goes straight to two things: Tony Stark and the Stark Expo….

Stark Expo

And Tomorowland:


Neither of these things is too far off (okay, one’s a theme park but the idea was to showoff what the future could be as a year-round expo), but how can the current World’s Fair benefit new media and its personalities?

The event, historically, is known as THE place to show off the latest and greatest innovations known to mankind. More importantly though, it connects minds that otherwise may not have found each other in passing.

I would love to see the conversation that would take place between the Hank Green and Elon Musk. Could you imagine the innovation that would occur between these two minds? Now throw in one of the head engineers from Vine or any other major social platform and you’ve got a group of people who could pave the future for the world we work and entertain ourselves with. Typically the World’s Fair centers itself around hardware and the leaps and bounds this technology has made. This might be the first time we’ll see software and maybe even social/psychological projects taking the lead.

Right now, the Indiegogo campaign aims to bring the World’s Fair to LA because “World’s Fairs leave shimmering memories on the minds of countless millions and leave in their wake legendary art, vast urban improvement and a stunning inventory of technical innovation. They invigorate communities and stimulate local economies.”

Am I down for bringing the World’s Fair to LA? Hell yes. If anything, to get these people talking to each other. You can check out the campaign here, if you’re interested in donating!