Why Meghan Tonjes’ Cover of “Bad Blood” Is Better Than The Original

Taylor Swift’s Joseph Khan directed video for “Bad Blood” is easily the pop star’s most visually striking effort to date. The series of sleek action sequences featuring some of the world’s most famous ladies as futuristic super assassins is nothing short of arresting and it’ll likely be GIFed and reblogged until the end of time.

While there’s no denying that “Bad Blood” is Taylor’s most epic video yet, the song itself is merely so-so. Even fans agree that “Bad Blood” feels a bit flimsy compared to anthems like “Shake It Off,” image redefining tracks like “Blank Space,” and even quirky late bloomers like “Style.” No shade toward Taylor, but the song really needs something to make it pop — and that something is Megan Tonjes’ gorgeous vocals.

Meghan took on the song as part of her “Request Tuesday” series, and while Taylor did an admirable job with the track, Meghan’s richer voice give “Bad Blood” the gravitas that it so sorely needed. If you’re a fan of the song you owe it to yourself to check this out.