Women’s Underwear Confuses Man; Jenna Marbles Can Help

YouTuber Robbie Sherrar found a pair of women’s underwear on the sidewalk outside his apartment — and rather than being creepy and weird about it, he responded by being genuinely confused and somewhat impressed at how women’s undergarments even work.

Examining the lacy black thong, which we sincerely hope is clean, he ponders questions about the garment as if he’s an anthropologist studying a relic from a lost civilization. How do you put them on? How do you know which opening is for your leg vs your torso? Why are they so strong and tight? Can you choke someone out with them? Are they allowed on planes? Is every woman wearing underwear like this all the time? “Are these because of periods?” (No, Mr Sherrar, that is generally not considered period-appropriate underwear.)

These are all very difficult and valid questions. Fortunately, Jenna Marbles is a proven expert on this topic and has a video about what a woman’s underwear means, which will likely clear up much of this gentleman’s confusion — or at least show him that he’s right to respect the mystery of women’s undergarments.


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