You Won’t Believe How Taylor Swift Saved Teen Fans From A Deadly Car Crash


After watching the “Bad Blood” video a few (thousand) times, it’s not hard to imagine Taylor Swift as a superhero — especially after hearing a story like this. The reigning princess of pop is literally out there saving lives, albeit with her concert swag rather than with her killer roundhouse kicking abilities. Yes, you read that correctly. Three Louisiana teens owe their lives to some Taylor Swift concert gear.

One of the hallmarks of Taylor’s latest tour are light-up bracelets that sync up to her set list, which is awesome enough all on its own. Imagine rocking out to Taylor’s hits and being part of your own personalized light show while you’re at it! However, these bracelets have another use, as three teens learned while driving home from a Taylor show in Baton Rouge.

On the bright side, a near death experience is a small price to pay for a Taylor tweet

Elizabeth Dazzio was at the wheel when she apparently nodded off for a moment (disclaimer: I know a Taylor show is an overwhelming experience but you should never get behind the wheel if your dozing off). Dazzio drifted out of her lane and totaled the car with two friends on board. The driver was knocked unconscious, but her two quick thinking passengers knew they needed to get clear of the mangled car as quickly as possible.

Dazzio’s quick thinking sister Caroline and her friend used their Taylor bracelets to signal for help. The flashing lights helped them to flag down a passing car. According to local news outlet WBRZ a passing motorist and her passenger saw the flashing lights and knew the girls needed help. They were able to pull all three girls from the crushed vehicle.

Elizabeth Dazzio is still hospitalized but expected to make a full recovery, but judging by the state of the vehicle all three are lucky to be alive. We joke a lot about pop stars saving lives, but Taylor doesn’t do anything half way!