You’ll Never Guess Where YouTube Star KevJumba Has Been For A Year

It’s been a while since we heard from KevJumba. The YouTube star and former “Amazing Race” contestant whose real name is Kevin Wu hasn’t uploaded a video to his personal YouTube channel in over a year. In fact, it’s been so long since Kev made his prescence felt on the internet that we included him in our recent list of YouTubers who walked away from their channels.

Fortunately, it appears that the KevJumba drought has finally come to an end. Wu is the star of Man Up, a new comedy released today on Vimeo on Demand.

Wu stars as a young slacker whose life of sloth is upended when his girlfriend discovers that she is pregnant. The film also stars actor and fellow lapsed YouTuber Justin Chon as Kevin’s even more spacey best friend. It’s a coming of age story that plays to Kev’s major strengths in physical comedy and self-effacing humor.

While it’s a great use of his talents we have to wonder, was it worth walking away from YouTube for an entire year?


KevJumba is one of YouTube’s original stars, with a channel that now boasts close to 3 million subscribers. While it’s become increasingly common for creators to take on projects outside of YouTube and even to take short breaks from their regular content to pursue new projects, it’s definitely unusual to suddenly vanish. Still, it’s clear Wu has been busy in the interim. In addition to Man Up he also co-starred in Revenge of the Green Dragons, an American-Chinese gang film also starring Justin Chon. He also worked on the comedy short Boats from director Justin Dec.

It appears that KevJumba is committed to working fulltime as an actor, but whether that means he’ll be leaving YouTube behind for good is anyone’s guess.

Man Up is available for download starting today on Vimeo’s on demand platform.

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