Your Guide To Every Celebrity In Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video

If you’re alive and have an internet connection then you’ve definitely seen the entire world reacting to Taylor Swift’s latest music video. “Bad Blood,” the fourth single off Taylor’s blockbuster album 1989, is the subject of a truly insane amount of buzz.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, best known as the mastermind behind Britney Spears’ iconic Toxic music video, conceived the video as the trailer to a futuristic action flick about a band of female assassins. The concept is cool enough on its own, but to make it just a bit sweeter Taylor Swift busted out her Rolodex and stocked the video with a veritable army of her famous friends. With all those shiny leather cat suits, flashing blades, and deadly explosions, it can be hard to keep track of who’s who — so we’ve got the full cast breakdown for your convenience.



Real Name: Taylor Swift

Who? Who is Taylor Swift anyway? Currently she’s the biggest popstar in the world heading into her fourth record breaking single from her blockbuster album 1989. Taylor is playing a fallen assassin who gets her killer grove back with some help from her deadly friends after being betrayed by her onetime partner.



Real Name: Selena Gomez

Who? Old-school Taylor Swift bestie Selena is best known as the star of Disney Wizard of Waverly Place, Justin Bieber’s ex, and a popstar in her own right. Here she’s playing Arsyn, an assassin who betrays Taylor on a mission and sets her on the path to revenge. She’s rumored to be a stand-in for Katy Perry, who is likewise rumored to be the subject of “Bad Blood”


Welvin Da Great

Real Name: Kendrick Lamar

Who? Kendrick is the Grammy nominated rapper responsible for the rap breakdown on “Bad Blood.” As if losing a Grammy to Macklemore weren’t enough, he also got saddled with the least cool name in the “Bad Blood” video.



Lucky Fiori

Real Name: Lena Dunham

Who? Star and creator of HBO’s Girls and the most hated woman in Bushwick, here she’s playing a cigar chomping Mafioso which is, coincidentally, exactly what Hannah Horvath should do next season.

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