YouTube Musician Austin Jones Soliciting Twerk Videos From Underage Fans? Fellow YouTuber Damon Fizzy Calls Him Out

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As it turns out, an interactive social media platform that generates millions of young fans is a prime way for creeps to solicit nude photos, sex and inappropriate material. Several YouTubers like Sam Pepper, Craig Dillon, Alex Day, Bashurverse and others have had allegations come up against them. A majority of these allegations remain unconfirmed, while others were cleared of suspicion by authorities, as with Craig Dillon.

Now YouTuber Damon “Dee” Fizzy has made it his mission to expose fellow YouTuber and musician Austin Jones. Blowing up his Twitter with purported evidence and video from Austin and young fans, Damon is determined to clean the YouTube house of creeps. Even Onision chimed in to vouch for Damon’s character, so this is definitely worth investigating.

Austin, who is a Chicago-based YouTube pop musician who was born Dec. 12, 1992 — which puts him at age 22 now. He has over 92,000 YouTube subscribers. Austin allegedly solicited twerk videos and suggestive photography from girls he knew to be underage, which is creepy but certainly not illegal. He even demonstrated twerking for them.

But then a Twitter user named DeanCallen came forward and claimed he asked her(?) for nude photos and alleges he knew full well she was 14. However, unlike the underage girls who have been coming forward with screencapped evidence of Jones’ requests for twerk videos, Callen states she does not have proof of the alleged request.

As the accusations continue to mount, Damon Fizzy has captured all of it on his Twitter. And there is a ton of it, so he’s been busy for the last several days, compiling posts from YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Omegle to crack down on what he explains is not “throwing shade” but just doing the right thing.

Curiously, Damon and Austin were scheduled to appear at various stops on the Vans Warped Tour together — but as more and more accusations surface, it appears promoters for Austin’s musical tour are losing faith. Already The Grow Wild Tour has put out a statement that they are canceling Austin’s association with them.

In the meantime, DeeFizzy continues to retweet accusations and comment on the situation.

For now, we will leave you with some of the many accusations that have been made of Austin. If nothing else, this should serve as a warning to social media personalities that you do have power and how you wield it can come back to haunt you. Make good choices.  Some of the many accusations (so far):

We’ve reached out to Austin for comment as well as to Damon and we will update as this situation continues to unfold.

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