YouTube Space Berlin: YouTube Chooses Germany For Next Hub [Event Calendar Inside]

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After YouTube Space’s have opened in L.A., NY, London, Tokyo and Sao Paulo, finally Berlin is getting its own location. No more commuting to London for zee Germans!

The space, which officially opens on May 2, was opened in conjunction with the MET Film School in Berlin, a happening hub of creator activity with MCNs like Divimove operating out of the region.

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With events already lined up throughout the month of May, the Space is already looking to pick up what the other five Spaces around the world are laying down. “Like all of our production facilities, YouTube Space Berlin will be a place where creators can collaborate, innovate and experiment with new content for audiences around the world to watch and love,” says David Ripert, Head of YouTube Spaces EMEA, on the official YouTube blog.

Should be a pretty swinging scene, so be sure to pack your lederhosen when you go visit.

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