YouTube Spaces Launch Field Day Channel, Collaborates With VSauce, Others

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The YouTube Spaces and Michael Stevens, the brainchild behind the popular VSauce channels, are (wait for it!) looking to Alaska for their next innovation. Heading out to Whittier, Alaska, Michael is seeking to film a science experiment with the denizens of the 222-person town. But that’s just the start of what the new Field Day YouTube channel is looking to become.

Comprised of several prominent creators, Field Day looks to bring intellectual innovation to all facets of YouTube, from gaming to makeup to comedy. Promising new videos from new creators every day of the week, YouTube Spaces are building a bold new lineup of creators.

The channel, which just launched today, is formulating “an experimental channel to feature a curated stream of individual videos from content creators who will push the boundaries of their creativity through the use of enhanced production tools and unique locations,” according to the press release.

Here are some of the other YouTube creators associated with Field Day:

Cut (377,000 subscribers) – If you had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future, how would you feel seeing the love of your life as a 50-year-old or even as a 70-year-old? As a 90-year-old? With the aid of Field Day, Cut teamed up with special makeup effects artists so they could physically transform a loving engaged couple in their 20s into older versions of themselves through the years, using life-cast molds and countless amounts of prosthetic makeup to complete the metamorphosis. The end product is an emotional journey and a heartwarming and tear-jerking experience for all, for both the couple and viewers alike.

Cut Has A Field Day with “100 Years of Beauty: Aging” Video

Game Theorists (4.4 million subscribers) – YouTube personality MatPat and his channel Game Theory are famous for myth-busting the accuracy of popular video games through extensive research and expert theories and facts. In Game Theory’s latest series, “Reality Check,” MatPat and crew jump off the couch and into the air in order to test the physics of the Star Fox video game. MatPat was paired with a stunt pilot so that he could take to the skies and attempt the same daredevil aerial movements seen in the video game. Fox McCloud, himself, would be impressed.

MatPat of The Game Theorists Has A Field Day with “Star Fox in Real Life”

Amymarie Gaertner (296,000 subscribers) – Amymarie is an upcoming dance superstar and teamed up with visionary director Karim Zariffa to produce a music video for a new song from YouTube DJ Steve Porter using an army of backup dancers with a twist. Instead of human dancers, Amymarie leads 189 remote-control cars and several flying drones draped in white dresses. The result – Hip-hop ballet powered by remote-controlled horsepower!

Dance Star Amymarie Gaertner Has A Field Day in “Dancing with the Cars”

Other top YouTube stars including but not limited to Action Movie Kid, Improv Everywhere, Mike Relm, devinsupertramp, MysteryGuitarMan, SoulPancake, and director of the viral First Kiss video Tatia Pilieva will also be having a Field Day with new programming.

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