YouTube Star Signs With NFL’s Denver Broncos: Can Ultimate Dream Come True?

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Karl Schmitz hasn’t played competitive football since 2007 — but he never gave up the dream of being in the NFL.

So Karl took the road less travelled when his football career seemingly ended and started posting videos to his YouTube channel.

With a monster leg — as in, it can kick the hell out of footballs, not that it comes alive at night and eats children — Schmitz’s videos show the 28-year-old knocking footballs through the uprights from 60 and 70 yards away with ease.

Even then, Schmitz was just about ready to give up on his dreams. His friends were teasing him about the futility of it all. Schmitz agreed to give up after having gone to a kicking combine in Arizona this year, that seemingly went nowhere.

And then the Denver Broncos called. That’s right, MY Denver Broncos, the finest team to ever collect a paycheck for wearing jock straps. They wanted him to come try out. And then, spoiler alert: they signed him!

Now Schmitz will still have to beat out a couple of veteran kickers vying for the team’s lone placekicker role — but John Elway likes what he sees, and so do YouTube viewers, who regularly make Schmitz’s videos a hit.

If Schmitz makes the team he’ll make $435,000 — great money for a dream come true.

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