YouTuber Austin Jones Robbed On Tour, Fans To Indiegogo Rescue [+ Best Crowdfunding Perk Ever]

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Austin Jones had just barely launched his musical tour across the country when someone broke into his van and stole most of his merchandise. A real setback for the young YouTuber, the robbery happened early in his tour leaving him pretty much broke and near-stranded.

Anxious, he posted his issue to YouTube and admitted that he was setting up an Indiegogo campaign for fans to donate to. And donate they did. Raising over $8,000 so far, they’ve exceeded his $5,000 crowdfunding goal — and there are still 10 days left in the campaign.

In perhaps one of the most ingenious perks, Austin offered ten limited passes to fans for $150 each that allowed access to his shows in perpetuity. Basically, even if Austin becomes the most famous star on the planet and his shows sell for thousands of dollars a ticket, this one time investment by these fans will get them in. It’s a pretty cool move on both sides of the perk.

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Austin met his goal, so you don’t really need to donate, but maybe you could chip in a few bucks to I don’t know, get his van some night security.

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