YouTuber Jay Diaz Talks New Series What’s Up Internet [INTERVIEW]

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Jay Diaz has been on both sides of the camera in his time as a YouTuber, but currently he is firmly sticking to the back end.

Joining up with “What’s Up Internet” for their second episode, Jay was brought in as a sort of “cleanup man.” Joshua David Evans and crew knew they had something special with their ode to late night talk shows, What’s Up Internet. But with one episode in the bag, they knew they needed some additional hands to make this show achieve its destiny. Enter Jay Diaz, the capable creator of series The Flip Side.

Yesterday, NMR featured an interview with Joshua David Evans, the host of “What’s Up Internet.” Today, we get to post our interview with new show runner Jay. Since he didn’t develop the show starting out, he’s got some keen insight on how the series is transitioning that we thought you readers would enjoy.

Make sure you check out Jay’s work by watching the latest episode of “Whats Up Internet” and subscribing to the show on Joshua’s channel.

You were brought in to be the director for the second episode — what did you change about the show’s format?

I mostly came in to make the show the best it can be visually. But Joshua and Rebecca also trusted my creative ideas as well and the pairing could not be more perfect. We all share the same ideas so it was very easy to come in.

Had you seen the pilot of “What’s Up Internet” before you were asked to come aboard?

Yes, I’m actually friends with the producer, Rebecca Zamolo. There were actually conversations about me helping with Episode 1, but it didn’t work out at that time.

What were the first episode’s biggest issues that you saw?

As a viewer, the main issue was sound. I later learned that Joshua was paying out of pocket for production, so he was limited in what he could do for production. I know that all too well so I applaud what they were able to accomplish.

How difficult is it to get a full live studio audience?

Not as hard as I thought. There is something special about having a live audience. It’s something I haven’t really seen in other web format shows, but it just makes everything more fun and interactive.

Now that a few episodes are out there, how do you change the show going forward?

The goal is always to be bigger and better. We have an audience that wants to see this show succeed and we want to give them a show that caters to the online community and beyond. There are so many YouTubers that people have yet to discover, and this show could be the perfect format, like TV talk shows, to bring them to light.

How has the audience response shifted between the two episodes?

It’s been great! I think viewers see the potential the show. I couldn’t be happier with the responses and it will only get better.

How often will it take between episodes going forward?

That’s a really good question. A lot is happening behind the scenes. Both Joshua and Rebecca have been working on getting the show to become more consistent and become a staple on YouTube.

What’s your background in YouTube/directing?

I’ve been directing online content for over 6 years now. I had a successful series (The Flip Side) on Yahoo! and I’ve developed stuff with Fox Digital, E!, and worked with many YouTube creators with the content. I also have my own YouTube channel under Altermotion Pictures.

What is your craziest behind-the-scenes YouTube story so far?

I wish I had one! So far I’ve had great experiences working with different creators.


Okay, fine. So he didn’t get that “craziest” in this context could mean good, bad, zany or interesting. But so what? He’s directing an awesome show, he can interpret things however he wants.

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