YouTube Space L.A. Has A Commercial?

Perhaps I’m using the term “commercial” loosely, but I don’t know what else to call this thing. Tribute video? The message I took away from the above footage was that if you hang out at the YouTube Space, you will meet famous people. Technically this isn’t untrue, but I don’t know why they are rubbing it in your face, normies. You can’t get into the YouTube Space unless you YouTube at a decently regular level (at least 10,000 subscribers last I checked). Maybe that’s what this is about? Convincing you to start putting out good content on the reg so that you can explore the splendor that is the Space — be it New York, Berlin, Tokyo or one of the others …

Yeah, we’re gonna take a positive message away from this.

Share the message about YouTube Spaces so maybe you can go there sometime I guess.