YouTuber Sued! Faith Healer Sues Transgender Atheist’s Channel For Calling Him A Con Artist

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Stephanie Guttormson, a YouTuber who is Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation when she isn’t vlogging, seems to have poked a bear in online faith healer Adam Miller.

Not dancing around it, Stephanie made a video for her Think Stephtically channel in which she calls Miller a con man and a swindler, using one of his videos to make snarky asides throughout.

In the video, Stephanie says: “Adam Miller is a charlatan, he’s a swindler, he’s a snake oil salesman. You risk your lives delaying or forgoing proper medical treatment by going to him for help. And more importantly, for believing his unsubstantiated claims.”

Damn. Strong words.

Adam’s response video went something like this:

Right from the get go, he alleges that Stephanie Guttormson used to be Joel Guttormson. Yup, apparently attacking someone’s gender identity is his first line of defense. Adam said he contacted his lawyer though and they would be seeking the maximum penalty allowed by law.

Evidently Miller, who allegedly claims to have been imbued with special powers via a near-death experience, meant his threat because Guttormson has a GoFundMe page up to help pay her legal fees.

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Can’t we all just get along on YouTube?

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