YouTubers Pooped On: Tyler Oakley, iJustine & Others Share Their Worst Poop Stories

poopIs there a funnier-sounding word than “poop”? If there is, we don’t want to know it. Also, there are few things funnier than people being pooped on or believing that they have been pooped on.

Nobody likes poop — it’s arguably the second worst thing that can land on you from another person or animal’s body. Throw up is number three, use your imagination for what #1 could be. Even worse(?), (or better perhaps) is being a YouTuber who winds up with nasty, nasty poop on them — like in the NikkiandJohnVlog bit below in which they are filming a vlog when the poop happens.

The bottom line: everyone gets pooped on at one time or another — how good your own poop story is tells a lot about you. Here are six stories from YouTubers about terrible poops, inconvenient craps and downright horrifying sh*ts.

6. PrankvsPrank

Jeana doesn’t know it’s not poop … you’d think these two would stop believing each other when the camera is on.

5. Lesbian Love

Having an animal poop on your chest costs extra in Florida. Just sayin’.

4. Julie Bresnan

If there is a more disgusting poop video on YouTube, we wanna see it! Share share share!

3. NikkiandJohnVlog

This is why I am not having kids.