3 Things We Know About Tomorrow’s Oculus Rift Unveiling


Oculus is the biggest and buzzied name in virtual reality, a technology that seems to be on everyone’s minds recently. From video creators to gamers to YouTube and Facebook engineers it seems like every forsees a big bright future for the emerging technology and Oculus is set to lead the pack. So naturally all eyes will be on San Francisco tomorrow for Oculus’ pre-E3 event to unveil their latest consumer friendly version of the Rift Virtual Reality headset. Here’s what we know in advance of the big event.

1. We have a rough idea of what looks like. Some industrious tipsters managed to dig up pictures of what Reddit rumor mongers believed to be the finished product. After weeks of speculation Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey stepped in to clear things up. The images are real, but they’re also old, so expect something the looks sort of like this, but not exactly.

Leaked images of the new Oculus Rift obtained via Reddit. This design is expected to be updated further


2. The headsets are already in circulation but you can’t buy one just yet. A handful of professionals have gotten a chance to sample the latest version of the Rift. According to The Next Web, pro football players have been using an advanced version of the Rift for training. If it’s good enough for the pros then it’s probably good enough for your game of Madden.



3. Even though Oculus is PROBABLY unveiling the highly anticipated Rift tomorrow you still won’t be able to get your hands on one until early in 2016 when the first round of preorders are set to ship. Until then you’ll have to make do with regular old non-virtual reality. It’s not as cool, but at least there’s takeout.


For now that’s all anyone can predict about the splashy but secretive event. Expectations for Oculus and its tech are high among fans as well as industry watchers. We’ll be sure to update with all the good news as soon as it breaks.

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