4-Year-Old YouTube Basketball Phenom Wants To Meet His Heroes: Dude Perfect

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There is something beautiful about obtainable dreams.

Some kids want to own the moon, some want to ride a dinosaur. Dunkman Zack just wants to meet his idols, YouTube trick shot superstars Dude Perfect. Building a website at DunkmanZack.com that contains some of his own basketball skills, the mission to meet Dude Perfect is live.

For most of his life, Zack has been nailing down basketball trick shots like a boss … or more specifically like several bosses — the guys of Dude Perfect.

“Zack looks up to Dude Perfect and is constantly trying out the shots he sees them perform. It’s motivating to him. As parents, my wife and I are so appreciative that Dude Perfect shares their sports videos. They are so entertaining for all of us to watch together as a family and inspire kids to be active,” says Zach’s dad, Aaron Weinberger to KCENTV.com.

“For a little kid completely obsessed with basketball and trick shots, meeting Dude Perfect would be mind-blowing for our son. Maybe he can even teach them a trick or two of his own!” the proud father continued.

Dude Perfect, who NMR just recently interviewed, are the premium game in trick shot artistry on YouTube. And fortunately for Dunkman Zack, Dude Perfect welcomes the competition.

Of course, we’d have a heart three sizes too small if we didn’t try to make this epic trick shot meetup happen. Likely, the kind souls at Dude Perfect are already planning something if they know about this kid — this video would be too fantastic not to exist. But if not, we welcome the opportunity to make the introduction.

And who doesn’t like a good heartwarming collab video?