4chan Trolls Caitlyn Jenner, Creates Change.Org Petition To Revoke Olympic Medal

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4chan is up to their old tricks, but now they’ve taken on a trending pop culture bent.

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Deciding to cash in on the oh-so-hot Caitlyn Jenner story, the so-called b/tards have created a petition on Change.org to have her Olympic medal revoked.

The reason?

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Now that she identifies as a woman, she shouldn’t have been competing in the men’s division. Caitlyn won a gold metal at the 1976 Olympics in Canada for the decathlon back when she self-identified as a man.

Really it’s all very silly and right in line with 4chan’s usual antics, but they’ve managed to steamroll the prank into collecting over 10,000 signatures in a few short days.

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What does this all mean? Nothing. Change.org petitions can collect all the signatures they want, it doesn’t mean the IOC has to honor any demands — nor will they’ve already announced.

Still, major news outlets have run with the story, giving 4chan the lulz they so viciously covet. Score one for the troublemakers.

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And as usual, the tricksters of 4chan devour their own as well (via their 4chan subreddit).

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And speaking of trolling Caitlyn Jenner, check out this trippy Family Guy joke from 2009! Spooky.

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