5 Films That Surprised Us Like Melissa McCarthy’s Spy


Melissa McCarthy’s latest film, the spoof Spy, hits theatres tomorrow — and from the looks of things it’s going to open big. The film has a shockingly high rating on Rotten Tomatoes having been certified 96% fresh by 87 independent reviewers.

Given that the movie pairs McCarthy with Paul Feig, the director behind her star-making role in Bridesmaids, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Spy is poised to be a hit. Still, there are those who had their doubts, perhaps prompted by the film’s less than stellar marketing campaign, but don’t be fooled. Check out our list of five other films that totally beat expectations.



Back in 2012 no one knew what to make of PITCH PERFECT. The movie had an all female, mostly unknown cast, Anna Kendrick wasn’t the musical mega star she is today, and the film’s somewhat unconventional subject matter left a lot of critics scratching their heads. Three years, millions in ticketsales, and a blockbuster sequel later, it’s safe to say we may have underestimated this one.



It’s hard to imagine now but 28 DAYS LATER hit theaters way back in 2002 before the height of the zombie craze. Fans weren’t as apt to turn up at the mere mention of flesh eating feral former humans in those days, and the film’s smarter take on the zombie outbreak wasn’t well advertised at the time. This was a slow burn the turned out to be a smash that launched dozens of imitators over the years.