5 Jaw-Dropping Games That You Won’t Believe Are Only Available On Mobile

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Monument Valley

There was a time, not so long ago, when gaming was confined to a relatively small segment of the population. Only people who owned consoles or who were devoted enough to assemble a gaming computer of their own were seen as part of the emerging gamer culture. Now, as mobile phones and other devices have become ubiquitous the popularity of mobile gaming has skyrocketed and huge new segments of the population new count themselves as regular gamers. As the popularity of mobile games has exploded with massive crossover hits like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Kim Kardashian Hollywood the variety and quality of mobile games has boomed as well. Check out this five jaw dropping games you won’t believe are on mobile.

80 Days

Literary nerds will want to take note of 80 days. Based on the Jules Verne classic Around The World In 80 Days this game brilliantly updates a story written in 1873 into a mobile strategy game for the modern era. Players are tasked with completing the 80 day circumglobal journey described in the books and must account for seemingly mundane challenges like luggage and booking travel. However the game requires a high degree of strategic thinking and pits the player against others in a time competition that’s both addictive and challenging. While it lacks the bells and whistles of more frenetic games like Angry Birds or Temple Run 80 Days is the kind of sticky brain teaser that will keep you coming back on your long commute or during your lunch break trying to outdo yourself and your challengers.

Monument Valley

A puzzle game that brings the brain bending work of artist M.C. Escher to live in glorious candy colored 3d is not to be ignored. Players must manipulate the level design itself clicking and dragging pieces around the screen to create a clear path to navigate. The game draws heavily on the optical illusions and warped physics of Escher’s famous sketches to create environments that are as addictively entertaining as they are eye-poppingly beautiful.

MTN (Mountain)

MTN, also referred to by fans by the somewhat simpler name Mountain is the sort of game that could only exist in today’s wild west world of bonkers mobile apps and freewheeling ideas. One of the great joys of gaming is that they let the player become other things, a solider, a ninja, a bird, a hopping plumber. MTN, as you can probably guess, let’s players become a mountain and do the things that mountains do. Of course, mountains don’t really “do” much themselves so the game features no real controls, but that doesn’t mean nothing happens. Time moves forward, things live and die, weather changes, and as a mountain you simply endure all of it. It’s not exactly an action adventure romp, but the world of mobile gaming is big enough to accommodate all kinds of experiences. MTN is pretty to look at and weirdly calming. It’s definitely worth checking out if for no reason other than it expands the definitions of what a game can be.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Final Fantasy franchise right now, and what better way to celebrate than with one of the game’s quirkiest installments. Final Fantasy: Record Keeper brings some of the best moments in Final Fantasy’s long and storied history to live in beautiful retro 8-bit graphics. The game allows players to jump around to some of the most iconic periods in the game’s long history and enlist some of its best characters in epic team-ups. Since we’re still going to be waiting at least another few months for the Final Fantasy VII remake this game is perfect to pass the time.

Halo: Spartan Strike

Halo fans rejoice, the game isnt’ coming to Mac anytime soon (as was planned back in the dark ages before Microsoft stepped in and locked the classic franchise down for X-Box) but at least you can still enjoy some of the fun on your mobile device. Spartan Strike doesn’t offer the same epic scope as the console version of the game but it does feature some very familiar and fun gameplay in a beautifully rendered environment that gives the original games a run for their money.