Amazon Wants More Transparent

transparent header

Amazon knows when it has a winner on its hands and it’s not about to let it go. After sweeping up the streaming platforms first ever round of TV awards last year with its first season, Transparent has quickly become the flagship show for the e-commerce giant. The story of Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) a transgender woman navigating the process of transitioning accompanied to varying degrees by her comically self-involved adult children. The story has shone a timely spotlight on trans issues and affirmed Amazon’s ability to green light ambitious content through its pilot program.


Given the buzz surrounding the show and the…lack of buzz surrounding many of Amazon’s other offerings it’s no surprise that Transparent has been officially renewed for a third season before the second season even premieres. Creator Jill Soloway was rightfully pleased with the early renewal, saying in a statement “I am so thrilled that I get to share more of the Pfeffermans’ story with the world.”

The third season is expected to run 10 episodes, but that’s not the end of Amazon’s commitment to the Soloway-verse. While further seasons of Transparent are certainly possible, and most would say likely, Amazon is apparently set to turn Jill Soloway into their own personal Shonda Rhimes. The network is interested in producing more projects from Soloway’s highly productive brain. According to Amazon Studios VP Roy Price, “we will be collaborating with her additional projects in the future.”


What could those future projects be? We have no idea. Personally, I’m rooting for a Transparent spin-off that follows Shelly Pfefferman, aka the incomparable Judith Light, and her ongoing battles with the home owners association at her retirement community. Whatever Soloway decides to do next, the freedom afforded by Amazon guarantees it will be memorable.