Another Game Developer Is Publicly Trashing Konami


Game publisher Konami has been in the news a lot recently for all the wrong reasons. The company has been quietly feuding with Hideo Kojima, one of its most famous developers, over latest installment of the Metal Gear series. Fans are incensed that Konami is apparently in the process of firing the famed developer in order to pave the way for a strategy that focuses on mobile gaming rather than big budget platform projects. Other casualties of that program included the apparent cancellation of fan favorites Silent Hills and P.T.

Now Konami is once again under fire from one of its own. Akira Sakuma, creator of Momotaro Dentetsu has publicly accused the company of crushing the popular franchise, and he’s naming names.

Akira Sakuma, the developer behind Momotaro Dentetsu


Sakuma originally developed Momotaro Dentetsu for Hudson, a smaller gaming firm that was absorbed by Konami in 2011. The transition was apparently difficult for Hudson’s more successful developers, many of whom complained that their titles were being systematically killed off by the Konami regime despite their success in Japan and abroad. Sakuma was one of the most vocal having threatened to end his series at least once before over Konami interference.

Since that time, the series has been plagued by delays, but publicly both Konami and Sakuma have maintained that a new installment of the popular franchise is in development. All that changed today when Sakuma took to Twitter to respond to a fan question about his relationship with Konami.


“Konami hasn’t gotten in touch with me at all. This is how they’ve tossed me aside for a while now. I’m announcing here that Momotaro Dentetsu is officially done. Ishikawa at Konami crushed everything,” the developer tweeted. Going so far as to name an individual within Konami responsible for the series demise is a highly unusual step in Japanese business culture.

Thus far, Konami has had no response to the comments from its developer, nor have media outlets been able to ascertain who “Ishikawa” (a fairly common surname in Japan) might be. What is clear is that yet another developer behind a popular series is now at odds with Konami leaving the future of another of the company’s established titles uncertain.

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