Arnold Schwarzenegger Brings The Terminator To YouTube To Stop Toby Turner

Apparently YouTubers play an important role in stopping the killer robots of the future.

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A while back, we reported on Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of Calif. and beloved action star, making an appearance at the YouTube Space LA. We weren’t sure if he was there to sign autographs or get autographs signed by the star YouTubers who were there to meet him. Turns out, he was there to save their butts.

Connecting with a grip of YouTubers that included Toby Turner, Lilly Singh, The Warp Zone guys, Vsauce2, MysteryGuitarMan, The Bros. Riedell and Machinima’s peeps, YouTubers teamed up to stop the T-1000 version of Toby Turner from turning them all into shish kabobs. Also, can I just say Olga Kay is a dead ringer for Sarah Connor?

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The neat little PR stunt was filmed as a short movie in three parts, directed by the talented Charles Paek in conjunction with the production company, Heresy. It’s just one of the promotional efforts launched to get young people down with the Terminator franchise, which has its latest, Terminator: Genisys, coming out on July 1.

While waiting for the big show, check out the YouTuber movies here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Cool, right?

While we’ll miss some of our YouTube buddies we lost to evil Toby, we know that the future of YouTube is safe … for now.

Correction: The films above were listed as directed by Machinima, Toby Turner, and Lilly Singh. This has been corrected as all three films were directed by Charles Paek with the assistance of the production company Heresy. We apologize for any confusion caused by the error, and to the filmmakers who created these phenomenal shorts.

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