Barbie Is Now A YouTube Vlogger — We Help Her With Her Content!

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Mattel apparently feels it’s good business to embrace the next generation of kids, who are all media savvy. In doing so, they’ve stumbled upon a clever formula: Make the Barbie doll a social media star.

Posting their first vlog this week, Mattel has made Barbie a YouTuber. And she already has 650,000 fans. Jealous?

While there’s no telling how often she’s going to post, we’ve decided that she needs to know a little something about how to be a proper vlogger — and since we tend to study vlogging, we’re just the ones to help her.

First up: She starts it right by telling us ten facts we don’t know about her (or maybe we do?). This is perfect. It’s a good intro video for a vlogger.

We also would have liked to see a “Draw My Life,” but that can come in a later vid:

Another great video tactic is to gloam onto a current trend, something that everyone is talking about and find a way to make it your own.

Vloggers love to “try new things” and rate them because it makes for easy, identifiable content:

We’re also going to need a room tour at some point, and then, eventually, a house tour:

Considering Barbie is always getting new accessories, she would do well to start a second life as a style vlogger:

And lastly, she needs a good gimmick to make her stand out from all the other talent on YouTube. Sure, being animated is a good start, but what if she, I don’t know, made funny sounds throughout her videos like PewDiePie or did all her vlogs upside down? Just something to make the kids take notice:

In the meantime, welcome to YouTube, Barbie. I think you will find NMR a helpful and handy site for indispensable new media wisdom. And best of all, we are never vulgar or mean.

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