Break Signs Licensing Agreement To Stream Paramount’s Movies — For FREE!

“Highway to the Danger Zone” blaring as Tom Cruise rides his motorcycle against the backdrop of fighter jets taking off is one of the most macho things ever. Seriously, if you want thicker pubic hair and a deeper voice, just tune in to that scene during the movie Top Gun and BAM! instant testosterone.

But how can you watch Top Gun, you ask? All the video stores are out of business and it isn’t playing on Netflix. Well, I’m glad you asked, because Defy Media-owned company Break just signed a deal with Paramount to stream all their movies! Even better than that, it’s FREE!

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Break Movies, a streaming platform on the likes of Roku, Xbox, iOS and Android machines, has tapped into the awesome movie vault at Paramount to bring you titles like Total Recall, Running Man, Bloodsport, Top Gun and a bunch of other movies that will help make two-hour blocks of your life legendary.

Each flick will be available for 30 days and then new ones will shuffle in — so it’s not like anything will get stagnant. It’ll be a constant shuffle of new movies every month.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Break to enhance its impressive lineup of films,” said Dina Vangelisti, SVP, Paramount Domestic TV Licensing & Distribution. “‘Break Movies’ offers fans an opportunity to watch terrific films when and where they want to and we look forward to audiences enjoying some of the many classic and contemporary favorites from Paramount’s library.”

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And for the record, Break is already working with Lions gate to host films from their vault. So you might say Break just became my new favorite hub for movie-watching.

Beats the hell out of watching Cheetah Women From Mars over and over again on Netflix and Hulu.

I wish there was a movie called Cheetah Women From Mars now … sigh.

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