Breaking Band Will Pair YouTube Musicians With Rock Star Mentors


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: We take an aspiring music artist and pair them up with a superstar mentor to teach them the tricks of the trade and help groom them into the next big thing. Sound familiar? It should, it’s the premise of approximately 1000 different reality shows from American Idol to The Voice. That’s why AXS TV has wisely added a new wrinkle to the tried and true format. In their new show, the pun-tastically titled Breaking Band the musicians being paired up with big name rock stars like Dave Navarro and Belinda Carlisle are YouTubers and the big break they’re prepping for is a live debut broadcast on AXS.


The show assigns six YouTube musicians to six music industry mentors in a surprise matchup that can make for some interesting combinations. Dave Navarro, Belinda Carlisle, Sebastian Bach, Moby, Robin Zander, and Mark McGrath represent a fairly eclectic set of styles of musical profiles. They’ll be matched with YouTubers like Andie Case, Santacruz, Runaground, and 10 Second Songs for one-on-one mentoring. Together the teams will prepare for a live broadcast on AXS air that will hopefully introduce the youtube stars to a wider audience.

The show is a bit of a departure for AXS, which has previously specialized mostly in live events like concerts, comedy shows, and more recently MMA fighting. However, back in 2012 the network picked up a handful of new partners including Ryan Seacrest Entertainment and the talent house Creative Artists Agency. Both of those organizations have been expressing interest in YouTube creators over the last year, so perhaps it’s no surprise that a network in which they own a stake is jumping on the digital video bandwagon.

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