Buzzr Games Premieres Epic Beat The Clock Finale

The Buzzr Games channel has quickly become one of our favorite things this year, with their fast paced internet friendly reboots of classic game shows. Beat the Clock, which launched its finale episode today, is the perfect game for the YouTube generation — jam packed with hilarious and often humiliating challenges that contestants must complete within a time limit and under the watchful eye of host Elliott Morgan.

The finale features YouTube comedian Dominic DeAngelis and vlogger Harrison Webb squaring off against sketch artist Nicole Foti and daily vlogger Will Shepherd. The episode is the perfect way to kick off summer with water balloons and plenty of messy wacky challenges that leave the contestants a mess and in stitches (the laughing kind, not the literal kind…we hope).

Check it out so that you have some context for this…


or this…


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