Bye Bye Blatter: Internet Rejoices As FIFA President Resigns


For years the world soccer governing body known as FIFA has been trying to get the attention of fans in the U.S., but this might not be the kind of attention they had in mind. Just days after an FBI-led investigation into FIFA corruption resulted in the arrest of several officials, recently reelected president Sepp Blatter has been forced to resign in disgrace.

FIFA has been under fire for weeks after an FBI investigation turned up multiple instances of grandiose corruption within the organization. Despite the arrest of FIFA official and close confidante Jeff Webb in Zurich last week, FIFA President Sepp Blatter sought, and won, another term in the organization’s top spot. Today, just days after his latest reelection Blatter has resigned the post that he’s held since 1998.


Though Blatter has thus far avoided prosecution for his own role in FIFA’s decades of corruption, he could not withstand pressure from international sponsors tired of being tied to the organizations shady dealings. Despite today’s announcement, Blatter will continue in his role until a successor can be elected in accordance with FIFA’s established rules. The election of a president requires a meeting of the full FIFA congress. The next regular meeting of that body is scheduled for May of 2016 in Mexico City, but Blatter has urged FIFA to call an emergency meeting in order to move past the scandal as quickly as possible.

The internet was swift to react to the news the Blatter had finally been ousted.

Last but not least John Oliver, who some consider instrumental to Blatter’s resignation after his perfectly timed takedown segment went viral, celebrated in his own unique way.