Can You Dispute These 8 Devastatingly Logical Fan Theories From Reddit?


It’s not uncommon for fan theory threads to pop up on Reddit, but this latest one demands the most infallible of them all.

There are some real diamonds, and some are even recent theories. Take for example, this theory that stemmed from the “Jurassic World” trailer:

Fan Theories Jurassic World

User SpaceBurger linked this golden theory that explains the existence of “Far Cry 3”:

Fan Theories Far Cry

It all makes sense now
It all seems so clear now.

How about the thought that the machines from “Terminator” are creating an infinite loop in order to better their technology, to the point of immortality?

Fan Theories Terminator

Or that all Tarantino films are actually an alternate reality, science fiction series?

Fan Theories Tarantino


Could you believe that the creepy guy from Con Air is the same creepy guy in Armageddon?
Fan Theories Con Air

Or perhaps that Inspector Gadget is actually a robot and that Dr. Claw is the man who built him?
Fan Theories Inspector Gadget

Mind Blown

Ralph might not be Wiggums biological son:
Fan Theories The Simpsons

But really, the best fan theories, are the Star Wars fan theories, and this one about Han nearly knocked my socks off:
Fan Theories Star Wars


So do these fan theories hold up to your movie nerd standards? Break them down in the comments down below!