Canadian BadA** Drives Motorcycle Through Wal-mart — Here Are Four Other Amazing Police Chases on YouTube

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There’s something uniquely awesome about rooting for the bad guy. Well, as long as he’s not too much of a bad guy — I mean, there’s something distinctly unawesome about rooting for Hitler. But if all this guy did was get creative in his attempt to run from the cops, well … boys will be boys.

Riding through a Wal-Mart in Canada, this cyclist was just utilizing his god-given right to try for freedom while shopping for goods at affordable prices. Ultimately, he did get caught and if he did see a sale while blasting through the retail giant (as shown on a security camera), he won’t have much money to spend. The cyclist was hit with 58 citations for his act resulting in fines of $13,500, American.

He’s also probably going to lose his bike under Canada’s civil forfeiture laws. At least he has an awesome video to show his grandkids.

Here are four other awesome police chases that were posted to YouTube. Buckle up, suckers. Outlaw status awaits.

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4. Biker Gang Taunts Cops

If you’re gonna run from the cops, make sure there is like a hundred of you!

3. Child Molester In A Semi Truck Smashes Cop Cars

That’s the sort of headline you want to read with your coffee in the morning.

2. Stolen Mustang Avoids the PIT Maneuvers

The reporter says this is something out of a bad movie — no, this is something out of a great movie!

1. The Best Police Chase You’ll Ever See

Kinda makes you wonder what something has to do to earn that title, right?

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