Chilling YouTube Video Shows SchoolGirl Saying Goodbye Just Before She’s Killed

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A group of 29 students and eight teachers set out on an expedition to explore the upper reaches of the Via Ferrata trail on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. At least eight of them wouldn’t survive the trip. Peony Lee, a student out of Singapore is seen in this last video feeling excited and happy about her forthcoming adventure exploring the mountain with her classmates.

The video, which was initially uploaded with the title “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves,” now has the more tragic title of: “2015 – Singapore – Sabah EarthQuake: Peony Wee Says Final Bye to Parents in Pre-Quake Video – 7/6/15.” The 12-year-old, standing with her classmate, is excited in the hours before the hike that would be interrupted by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

The quake, which struck hard on the mountain, sent an avalanche of boulders and debris tumbling over the side of the 13,000 foot mountain, along with several of the hikers. While it is not clear if the classmate also featured in the video survived, Peony chilling says her goodbye into the camera at the end of the brief footage.

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Fortunately her parents and family now have the memory immortalized on YouTube.

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