‘Choose Your Own Murder’ Is New Interactive Game From MTV’s Scream: We Show You How To Survive

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As proof that entertainment is cyclical (it just gets more savvy each time around), those Choose Your Own Adventure books that were all the rage in the ‘80s are now getting the web experience. Used to promote MTV’s forthcoming Scream television series, the interactive game from Interlude is called “Choose Your Own Murder” and it’s bloody good fun.

We suggest you just play it yourself.

Of course, for some of you that isn’t enough. Some of you want SPOILERS as to how you get through the game alive. And you want us to tell them to you.

Okay, well if you persist in having it ruined, here we go:

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So we start out in bed with this foxy chick. She hears a noise and wants you to investigate.

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Of course you investigate — you NEVER don’t investigate. Oop, what’s that? She’s dead! Damn, well, could have been you though.

Okay, so there’s someone at the front door. Do you go see what that’s about or do you hide?

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Those numbers in the upper left corner are a timer, btw. If you don’t make a choice and soon, they’re gonna choose for you … and you won’t necessarily survive their choice.

Avoid the door … it’s your pesky neighbor Seymour. He’s more annoying than the killer. If you do opt for the door though, it doesn’t work out so well for him.

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So you’re hiding. Thank God we live in the technology age. You can call mom or 911. Who do you call?

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Neither option works out for you here, so it’s a matter of deciding between continuing to hide or jumping out the 2nd story window. DON’T CONTINUE TO HIDE.

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Out the window you go. Fortunately, you see Seymour still getting gutted like a fish on the front lawn. That takes care of one of your problems. But now do you go for your car or for the neighbor’s house?

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Anyone who has ever seen a scary movie knows that cars are completely unreliable. Out of gas, bad starter, flat tires, etc. No way, chance it at the neighbor’s house.

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Well, that didn’t work out. I guess we don’t know anything about survival after all. Maybe you’d do better to just tune in to the Scream series. Like the dead card above says, it premieres June 30 at 10pm. Good luck with that.

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