Cinesaurus Shows Their Filmmaking Roots With Shot-For-Shot Jurassic Park Remake … From 2002

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Cinesaurus, the creative team behind YouTube innovations like their Gritty Reboots trailers and a whole host of other clever viral campaigns, has been making videos long before YouTube was a thing. Perhaps that is the mark of success — you do things for free as kids long before you ever get paid for them. If that was the case though, I would be a booger-eating billionaire. But, clearly, the Hudson Bros. were meant to be filmmakers.

Check out their amazingly competent hour and forty minute shot-by-shot recreation of the seminal Jurassic Park. Now that the new film, Jurassic World is going gangbusters in theaters, this seemed like a wise time to brush off the dust and rediscover a classic.

Pretty great, right?

It’s probably too late for you, but make sure you buy your kids a video camera — they might surprise you one day.

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